At Holdex, we're helping innovators build the next Web3 products

The internet has fundamentally changed the way we communicate and do business. It became a reality to run a company from the Caribbean just as from London.

While the internet has enabled us to stay in contact with each other across the globe, unfortunately it is still difficult to transact due to bureaucracy, corruption and lack of accessibility to financial services.

The rise of blockchain

Bitcoin paved the way for creating digital payments without a centralised authority. And what got early pioneers excited about Bitcoin was not exactly what it was, but rather the potential of the blockchain to become the next inclusive financial ecosystem.

Blockchain adoption is still early on and the potential of direct ownership of assets powered by decentralised technologies remains the foundation of this inclusive financial ecosystem.

How do we contribute?

At Holdex, driven by the vision and values of decentralization, we challenge the status quo. We create an impact by building tools to accelerate adoption and help leaders who share the same vision to succeed. When we partner with web3 innovators, we commit to strong execution. We amplify their success while working hard behind the scenes.

On our journey, we designed and built products that helped more than 100K+ users benefit from inclusive financial products with an accumulation of $1B+ in transaction volume. Our portfolio companies have a total valuation of over $900M.

Let’s join forces!

Our mission is still not accomplished and our journey has only just begun.

We are looking for like-minded founders and executives to solve real-world problems. Accessible green energy, inclusive banking, insurance and investment products, and transparent and fair organisations (DAOs). What is certain is that you will be helping us to push the adoption of the next inclusive financial system. If you are one of us , please get in touch.

Together we can maximise opportunities for raising capital and building successful products!


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