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We are on a mission to accelerate Blockchain adoption so pioneers can focus on creating applications that make the world more open and inclusive.

Giorgia and Vadim attend a conference
George and Mark meet to design UI/UX
Vadim and Giorgia at Holdex's Hong Kong office
George and Mark meet to design UI/UX
George run some software tests

Our values

Holdex is a values-driven team

Dream big

It's important to be ambitious and set high-level goals. Otherwise, it's not worth it.

Do the right thing

If you do something “right” but it is the wrong thing to do your efforts will be futile.

Be open

Challenge your current beliefs. Let new knowledge, ideas, and opportunities in. See things from the perspective of others and you will recognize potential mistakes you have made. Open your mind to learn and grow, strengthening your belief in yourself. It's a great thing to fall and get back up again.

Keep the focus

Ask why. Once you understand, focus solely on what is the next one thing that will move you closer to the goal. Review company goals and objectives and make sure that every action you take is getting the company closer to exceeding the goal. Constantly look for where you might be wrong so you can fix it, or save or make more money by making the business more efficient and/or effective. Embrace the power of FIOY (Figure It Out Yourself) and accelerated learning. Find out the way to make it happen. Be passionate about what you do.

Keep it simple

Simplicity is a major key to success. The most complicated skill is to be simple.

People and organizations supporting Holdex

Core team and advisors

The individuals behind Holdex

  • Vadim Zolotokrylin
    Vadim Zolotokrylin
    CEO, Partner
  • Mark Curchin
    Mark Curchin
    Product, Partner
  • George Ciubotaru
    George Ciubotaru
    Technology, Partner
  • Hermes Trindade
    Hermes Trindade
    Growth, Partner
  • Giorgia Pellizzari
    Giorgia Pellizzari
  • Adam Vaziri
    Adam Vaziri
    Advisor, Investor
  • Masha Zolotokrylina
    Masha Zolotokrylina
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